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A business unit that integrates services geared toward proper systems of operation when collecting and managing residual waste.     

A business unit focused on the proper collection, transportation, storage and residual waste management    certification of electric and electronic devices.

A business unit specialized in advisory and application of strategies to assure environmental regulatory compliance.     

Exhibición en tienda de teléfonos celulares

A business unit specialized in sales and purchase of used and obsolete technological devices.

¡Discover the power of #GREENSTEPS!

¡With EKOSOLV, turn your sustainability into your best ally! 💚🌱 Find out how we can help you comply with environmental normativity.

Our commitment is to sustainability                      


¿Worried about the impact on the environment?

Our proactive, flexible and dynamic team works with passion to bring benefits to our customers as well as the environment.  We are committed to building a better future in terms of sustainability and responsibility.  Ask for our environmental advisory and follow in our #GREENSTEPS toward environmental excellency.

With EKOSOLV On your side, avoid environmental concerns and unnecessary penalties! Our services will help you be more eco-friendly and comply with environmental regulations, we are the environmental advisor you are looking for.

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