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We are a consulting firm focused on compliance with environmental norms.  We help  companies design and implement  sustainability strategies to reduce their legal and economic risks.

¿Are you ready to take your next green step? EKOSOLV will be right next to you on your way to a more ecofriendly and sustainable future. 

We are environmental consultants and managers.

We have been on the Colombian and LATAM market for 9 years.

We are environmental norm and law consultants.


Our philosophy

Our services are based on trust economy to design tailor-made solutions to obtain thebest cost and benefit of our clients.


We meet with enthusiasm and commitment to work in the direction of a common goal:  to contribute to the care of the environment and to promote sustainable practices in each project we undertake.  Our team members provide their experience and knowledge to come up with innovative, creative and effective solutions that comply with  environmental norms to reduce legal as well as economic risks to our customers.


We are inspired by our philosophy of trust whereby we look to design solutions tailored to each and individual need that bring about the best cost-benefit output to those who have put their trust in our services.  Together, we endeavor to make the difference and to be agents of change in the process of constructing a greener future.


"I am proud to introduce to you those who work untiringly to offer you the best experience!" 



Since we were founded in 2013, we have dedicated ourselves to the adequate management of residual waste of electric and electronic devices  to contribute to the care of the environment and to take  #GREENSTEPS  toward a more healthy planet. 

Our philosophy is based on trust  to bring personalized solutions suited to the needs of every client to get the best cost-benefit results in each project.


In EKOSOLV, we are passionate about working in conjunction with our customers, always searching for customer satisfaction and permanently being committed to sustainability.  United, we can take steps in the direction of a more responsible and environmentally conscious future.


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